About Union Yoga

Rex came to yoga in times of struggle from addiction and discovered the healing quality of yoga and teaching. After years of teaching in yoga studios throughout San Diego, brainstorming business plans, price models, listening to feedback from our community and mentors, in an effort to provide yoga to those who suffer like we do. We believe we found a way.

Union Yoga is a culmination of this effort, our experience, and our care for those are on the path of recovery. We offer a yoga studio to reach the highest potential in your yoga practice, a yoga school to learn the sacred art of teaching yoga and space to heal when life gets really hard.

Our mission at Union Yoga is to bring high quality yoga and further yoga education at an affordable price. As a united effort we will offer sliding scale pricing options to people struggling with eating disorders and alcoholism. We will donate $1 of every yoga visit and $3 of every month of a membership to a fund that we will use to subsidize yoga for those in need.

We look forward to building this community with you.

– Rex


Union Yoga - Founder

Rex found yoga while suffering from alcoholism, trauma, and grief. After years of waking up drunk, getting kicked out of bars and clubs, and drifting into suicidal thoughts, he took a yoga class open for a change. After a few months of practice everyday, and with the bottle at bay, he felt well enough to approach a work for trade opportunity at Spirit Yoga. After years of practice and informal study, Rex was convinced by his teachers to teach yoga. And thus spawned the next 5 years of his life.

He studied with Helen Cloots for 200 hours of a Vinyasa style exercise focused yoga teacher training.

Rex later studied at the Soul of Yoga for 500 hours led by Monique Lonner. The program was therapy focused and Rex studied under Leslie Kaminoff, Leela Durga, Tom Myers, Amy Weintraub, Joe Barnett, and Antonio Sausys. Yoga for depression and anxiety, Yoga of Recovery and Addiction,Yin Yoga, and Yoga for Grief Therapy were topics of focus.

Rex continues to study and has been teaching yoga across San Diego for the past 4 years. The mood and pacing of his classes are unique and speak to the therapeutic healing nature of yoga practice.

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