Union Yoga Studio Fundraiser

We have since closed our physical location in University Heights as Covid 19 gutted our industry.

Today we serve the San Diego community located around University Heights, Hillcrest, and North Park by pivoting to an online streaming service and teaching from the local park, Trolley Barn Park. Before the pandemic,

we had 60 members and 4 subsidized students.

We now have 14 members and 1 subsidized student.

As a result of the pandemic, we have lost 80% of our expected revenue.

As temperatures dip and for those who are recovering from trauma, alcoholism, and eating disorders – practicing outdoors in public doesn’t always feel safe. If we don’t get our community back inside, we will continue to lose our core members and fall short on our mission of accessibility.

I believe in the power of our students, friends, and teacher trainees reuniting again after 2 very long and difficult years remote. I believe in those who have seen and felt the impact of our work, our yoga classes, and service that Union Yoga has provided since 2019.

I also believe that anyone who is new to our community and our work – that understands that the role wellness plays in one’s trauma, addiction, and eating disorder recovery – will show up for us in a big way.

So we can continue to serve our community with inclusive and diverse yoga classes, we are asking you to to chime in to our goal, with the mission of securing our next studio location by 2022.

Through the next 8 weeks, our goal is to raise $24,000 for the Union Yoga Studio fund. 10.11 – 12.16

Deposit for the 1st and last month’s rent = $8,000

1st 4 months of rent to build – $16,000

Total: $24,000 in 8 weeks.

With your help, we can rebuild Union Yoga if we can raise enough money through December to put our deposit down for our new studio to be open for classes, teacher training, and workshops in 2022.

Union Yoga Fund for Subsidized Yoga

Each time you practice at Union Yoga you are joining our united effort.

We will donate $1 of drop in visit and $3 of every month of a membership to the Union Yoga Fund. We will use this fund to provide sliding scale yoga to those recovering from eating disorders and alcoholism.

The Union Yoga Fund offers sliding scale memberships, teacher trainings, and retreats.