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Our Classes

I’ve only taken 2 classes so far, but I enjoy the small class size/space where it feels intimate. The instructors have been attentive with clear instructions while giving the practitioners enough space to move at their own pace/do what they need to to build their own practice. I personally love hands on adjustments/touch, which always reminds me to release, and the adjustment/touch was very mindful. The instructors were both very open hearted, welcoming and clearly comfortable in their own teaching styles.
Takeshi K.
This studio is a profoundly refreshing space to all of the studios I’ve practiced yoga at in San Diego. Here’s a place that’s here for all the right reasons. The teachers here are not only extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the yoga practice, but also very real, grounded, and kind people who have created a space that’s AFFORDABLE and accessible for everyone to experience the benefits of yoga. The mission of the owners to provide subsidized yoga for people with addictions or eating disorders is also an honorable and much needed one.
Erin C.
Small community studio. A wide variety of classes to choose from. Knowledgeable teachers and I like the owners!
Nancy S.